Kids and Company of Linn County (Kidco Head Start/Early Head Start) provides a comprehensive preschool program in Linn and Benton counties for children from low-income families and children with special needs. Kidco Head Start is now accepting applications for the following position in Linn and Benton counties:

WAGE: $3532.00 per month/classified Exempt 

HOURS: 40 hours per week/ minimum two week layoff during summer  

BENEFITS: Medical/Dental/Vision, paid holidays, PTO, paid vacation, 403(b) retirement plan and job-related training opportunities. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.  Official transcripts will be required to verify education. 

  • A minimum of four years’ experience teaching experience at the preschool level. This experience must include: supervising, training staff, classroom operations, planning and implementation of education program, and tracking and evaluation of children’s individual development.  

  • Ability to obtain CLASS Reliability within designated time frame.  

  • Experience working with children with mental health/special needs and/or disabilities.  

  • Ability and desire to work cooperatively with others on a team; as a team leader, the ability to demonstrate interest, skill and success in getting groups to learn to work together. 

  • Demonstrated professional level organizational, record-keeping, and computer skills. 

  • Must be enrolled in the Child Care Division’s Central Background Registry and obtain an Employee Health Appraisal (which includes TB screening)  

  • Valid Oregon driver’s license and available transportation; must meet agency insurability criteria for driving program vehicles. 


Education Support: ensure compliance with Federal Performance Standards related to the Education and Disabilities Services component for centers assigned; complete or coordinate classroom observations utilizing specified tools, monitor quality and timelines of all required assessments; provide practice based coaching and CDA support. Assist staff assessing children to identify special needs. 


Supervision and Coaching: Provide helpful, behaviorally specific feedback to staff; share information, advice and suggestions facilitate success; delegate assignments that will help develop abilities of assigned staff; recognize and reinforce developmental efforts and improvements of staff; facilitate positive, solution-based problem solving with staff.  

Please note: A program application is required.


Questions: Human Resource Department 541-451-1581 x115 or larnold@kidcoheadstart.org


This institution is an equal opportunity provider

Kids and Company of Linn County reserves the right to cancel this recruitment without notice

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